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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Phuckin Wit Words collab w/Jamie Bond & Tammy Jones

Phuckin Wit Words collab w/Jamie Bond & Tammy Jones

can’t stop it and so begins the process of all the new news you knew that my muse used with a brand new recycled attitude of new and improved used moves that were abused became bemused that refused to be infused got confused by old school but refused the excuse still smooth tryna prove its so dammmn kewl the paper of the unmoved like the pen as a tooth for the ink that would ooze wrecked wrists leaving knuckles bruised would fuse inspiration of having writers block for you you see what comes around goes around and umma let tammy get at you

I peruse the loose screws of my muse
seeing it in the headlines of the news
my contused mind proves parts of me escaped
breakin out like Bruce
putting up deuces in the form of coos fusing
metaphors and imagery clues as nooses on necks
by the excuses of unexcused recluses trying to seduce
the masses with a white flag truce
but the foul smell of gastric juices got me spooning
Mother Goose just to smooth the abuse
flip it on ice reintroduced as green eggs
and Ham by Dr. Seus remixed by Tam I Am
produced on a day of Tues approved by Zeus
that's what they did for the fools who wasted time
in school
who shoulda been sprucing up the walls of their mind
perfected Chartreuse to be used

bitch please you’re a poppy seed to a bubble bee I’m oblivious your pleas I’m so above your bullshit I’m levitating in heaven living lovely with nosebleed seats I could pull a verbal drive by at such high speeds my mindset will have ya clutching yo chest fuckin with me but I see you ain’t used to me i could make your newsfeed bleed profusely you scratchin your weave like you got fleas you’re man’s my biggest fan in negative -007 degrees and ain’t got no breeze ….in these brick city drifting streets go on and pinch yourself like a roach holder before it begun without a gun …. it was over snap crackle pop the only pops you knew was on a kellogg’s box treat your thoughts like chicken pox dilute your ink like coumadin sniper for hire with just 1 pen stroke have ya using your pen as crutches clutching your tabloid like I spyt steroids I scribe word clots giving you an ischemic stroke you got the wrong poet playa…check your sources I’m a word sorceress a femme fatale so ask yourself who you asking? cuz they gave yo ass the wrong answer yoooo tammy tell em’ I’m a fire breathing muthafukin dragon your words are evaporated smoke your mentality got dandruff i just brush my shoulders off and hand out free handcuffs how ironic we got a tank of oxygen to a combustible party put cho paper down cuz tammys pen is a sawed off shotty she’s bout ta pen your eulogy from silk city like she was Victoria gotti

I put the shotty to your body if ya snotty
I'm not prejudice cause I'm poppin erry body
I look up to JB and say beam me up scotty
for levitation got inebriated seeds floating
in the skies where fly people meet to chant
dubiously coming to terms as we learn
next moves in deceptions
we get selective deciding when wars and battles will be won
we be one team in unity picking off the fleas
and pustulants as isht gets redundant in a rant
so to quiet the booyah, we've come to school ya psyche
well, maybe not for I don't give away my battle plans
for eyes scan unmanned terms where weaknesses get heard
so word, truth is, proof is in my team colors
put a gun to my head, I might die cause I ain't hollarin
I'm a scholar with dignity
you may need to skin me as if you heard the words be
writing on the wall but when you pull the flap of my abs back
the words run as if I was stabbed and something so secret
gets secreted into thin air
— with Jamie Bond and Tammy Jones.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Watch out now! lol

I smiled and said right!
you never seen me wearin a shirt so tight
but ummmm if my breasts were thugs
nucca I’d have 2 goons wit me at all times
move yo eyes from my cleavage
and peep this piece on my thighs
*wink* ~~ #jamieALLday

Jamie Bond


Peep this piece that is on my thigh
Last time I pulled my piece
I almost popped her eye
See she has two goons with her at all times
With me
I got two ballers and a close 9
So if you want to step up
And test us to learn quick
We know how to lay you down
With thick books and a nice Bic

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

QUEENS OF THE THRONE COLLAB BY Tammy Jones ~~ CaSheema ThePoet Pittman ~~ Jamie Bond

BY Tammy Jones ~~ CaSheema ThePoet Pittman ~~ Jamie Bond

This girl here is on fire

As I wake up at the crack of

What the fuck?
With Foghorn Leghorn chilling
Against my truck

Long before sun up

We hit the road glowing

Like we’re packing heat
Me and the Rooster heading
To Brewster place
We go inside and disappear
Without a trace
As the lab gets laced by the power
Of inspiration
I’m passing my pen to Sheema, the
Poetry dreamer
She’s a rhyme schemer
So precise
She leaves ya ears bleedin from the
Message that she speaks

Tammy Jones

Thank you poetess, speaking with much finesse, Ms Tammy Jones

They had to be speaking of you, me and Jamie Bond when they said watch the throne
With this pen I get
So very intimate
Making love to my words, on a plane thats infinite
When I get into it
Its hard for me to leave
The pain of my struggles and hustles makes the words come with ease
Every time I let this pen bleed
I succeed with the belief that im one of the best
Never concede to defeat, cant speak upon the rest
Literally, spiritually, yes I believe that I am blessed
For this pen and, this paper, I will never rest
Morning, noon, and night, dusk to dawn
The most dangerous of the trio, intoducing Ms. Jamie Bond..

CaSheema ThePoet Pittman

I never left but NOW I’m back
thoughts on furlough
like my lethal pen they got 5years parole
So now tell me….. where dey do dat at??
Jamie bond on the premises
I’m your favorite poets nemesis
tried and true I’m a hunnit proof
with a full clip a loaded pen
and no dammn bullet proof vest
unmuted ink so who they kiddin,
three headless horse (woman) in tha building
we snatching smiles every day
and selling em to clowns on eBay
don’t mess around and getcha nose bloodied buddy
you’ll mess around and be Rudolph’s understudy
don’t get it twisted tho cuz it could get painful
we play but nah fam we ain’t hardly playful
last call, one shot… you talking to a verbal sniper
with a red beam on your knot…
so challenge me… nah
get malice with me … not even
you are in the fog but you got
Tam and Casheema high beamin!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

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Monday, August 13, 2012

We sat and we considered~~ a Jamie Bond and ‘just bill’ joint

We sat and we considered

( bill)

we sat and we considered
what should we write about
Jamie and i

you see, we are not only Poets
but people
attempting to build steeples
where we may ring the bell
and awaken your understanding

it is not that we are demanding
you pay attention
that is your choice
and this is our voice
that we use
to speak about
our own fears
our own loves
our own concerns
our own doubts

sometimes we are quiet
some times we incite spiritual riots
moving souls
moving minds
to find their own way
to say what they have to say

and sometime we shout about
things we think others should perhaps consider

so what up Jamie
what do you have to say today
i think i need to pay attention
and let you speak on it
and mention
what’s on your mind


Bill and I
We talk all the time
Our candid Conversations
Become freestyle sessions
About the bullshit and nonsense
We’re getting fat eating popcorn
While sitting on the sideline
Waiting with bated breath
For them to say something moving
But we’re still here unmoved

Like I dunno
We SEE your mouth moving
But where are you going?

Verbally we are architects
Drawing 3D plans and creating blueprints
We tune up thought processes
And fix flats like we’re in a race yard
We are ink chemists giving formulas for success
But you all refuse to drink it
Acting like it’s a Jekyll and Hyde lab or some shit!

And yet they seem bored….
Bill and I; we shake our heads
To how easily you forget
To pay homage to the Elders
To get in the lab and learn your craft
Not saying you need to be an expert
But take time to understand it

Regretfully forgetting
We are Poetry’s’ Poets and Poetess’

The super novastructura
To the construction of your structure
Arms outstretched like a parasol to protect you
We’ve used paper as a barricade to an ink levy
With our ink pens we’ve dug tunnels and built bridges
Iron sharpens iron which compliments our sinew
And what did or are you doing??


but in truth Jamie
i am encouraged by the younguns
the young guns
who load their weapons
of mass destruction
to shoot that shit
spyt that shyt
write that shit they do
cause when i and you
were them there young guns
we had no support
there was no community

and now these young ports
have an immunity
from impunity
to speak
as they feel
but some time
for real
i must question
what that is

i know it is none of my biz-ness
but some of that mess we be writing
has me fighting
to understand
just where we are going
as we claim that we are flowing
doing our poet thing

so my way of encouraging
is some times to click a “like”
not to psyche any one out
that i have read them
cause time is not a luxury i enjoy
to read all the tags they deploy
to get our attention

not to mention
that i do have a job
that is not about swabbing a poets knob
about how great they are
cause if they do not know who they are
or how far
they what to go with it
what can i tell them


Oh yes I agree
We all need the variety of genres
In every facet of poetry we speak
But the concern is the lack of purpose
When they rhyme the thumbs up
And empty likes because of the limelight

We deal with
Attention whores and like addicts
Those who need counseling
Make it seem like they missed a session of therapy
I’m just saying ….Now that’s real talk poet

They knew it was hot when they posted it
Putting it out there to be read is called self publishing
And who am I to critique; to scrutinize or criticize
I am not the winner of the poetic noble peace prize

The main thing is to bleed the ink
Let the thoughts flow allow the concept to flow
And then go back …After a day or so
And then re read it …Re~ bleed the ink….

Condense it if possible
I ain’t worried about the poets
I just wonder where they’re going...


you know Jamie
most times when i read
i do not know
about the flow
and where it is going
nor what is the message
some poets are sowing
so all i can do
is not to construe
that i know anything
and simply say this
“it is what it is”
and that is their biz
not mine
i have my own divine mind
to deal with
so i just smdh


Me Too
that’s where they do that at . . .

a Jamie Bond and ‘just bill’ joint



by Todd Smith on Friday, July 20, 2012 at 1:27pm ·
  triumphant tri-laboration  triumvirate trilogy...


    for saving me everyday i thank GOD
    from the times i followed my lil head when it got hard
    could have been on my way to be buried 6 feet under sod
    pushing daisies
    out of wedlock babies
    in wedlock, out wedlock
    we locking
    sea men flying
    people dying
    you know you sick
    tricky dick still in conversation with honey pit
    you a businessman or deacon
    scoping her out
    her promise land you seekin
    never tellin her you lethally leakin
    your lil man is reekin
    packin deleterious juice
    enuff to kill a herd of moose
    cover it up
    better yet, unscrew it
    plug it up your own contaminated butt
    already knowing you have the disease
    stick it in your own mouth
    instead of eating when on your knees
    ladies your feminine body is admired
    get test results to avoid what he
    may have acquired
    once acquired
    it's in your blood stream
    meat 2 meat
    you gave into those
    cheap sweet words
    when he made a
    bootylicious speech
    hormone driven
    no love given
    you pray to be forgiven
    forgiven you can
    if only you would have taken a stand
    and demand
    to see the most recent test result
    who cares how he feels
    if you ask & he becomes insulted
    better to insult by asking deep
    probing penetrating questions of him
    than for him to deeply
    probe, penetrate and permanently
    infect your french cut bikini trim
    in the johnson there is no magic
    especially when debauchery
    is injected to making intimacy tragic

    June Bugg

    In order to learn patience one must be prodded,
    MayB acknowledged by fathers; not only baby mommas
    Growing up stuck, where it seems er'ythangz corrupt, meditate on these things, and then wait on love
    Bind these things to you
    Choose right & B blessed; Three left turns leaves you right back inside the same mess,
    stressed out 'bout some lil poot butt's child support checks
    Remember always; your gift iz beauty manifest
    A gift from GOD for the woman to possess
    It cant B found in cosmo> Xploitation at it's best
    It's in your eyes and your chest,
    U where lovely from the very first time
    you suckled mommas breast
    Life iz NOT a box a chocalates, more like a game of chess
    Wait on your King & build a castle; for you're a QUEEN, and
    U deserve the best...

     ~~ IBJB
    Re-introduce. ..

    If you do this backwards, it is bound to get worse
    You have to Re-introduce your true self to yourself first
    Only then can you allow love into your life
    And consent to someone extra loving you right
    You have to be patient and believe that GOD needs you to wait
    Believe in the core of your soul
    that your king or queen is being custom made

    Define your desires
    Stay blessed and be inspired
    And if that person in your life doesn’t make your eyes smile
    Then it's time to go…
    Time to let them move on and be gone
    Mr. and Mrs. Put up with Until Mrs. and Mr. Right come along
    Ask questions wait to get an intelligent answer
    Don’t make excuses for a grown man or woman
    Don’t fall in love with someone’s potential
    You need to know what they stand for right here and now
    You need to understand your own forbearance,
    as they get nearer
    Cuz real talk chaos isn’t a good look on anybody
    in a full length mirror

   get acquired knowledge,
   prior to in the sheets acknowledging...
   take your time, be patient with yourself...
   b4 you introduce yourself to some1
   else, 1st  reintroduce yourself to yourself...

  thank you for your time from,
  thelyfepoet...june bugg....ibjb

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Can’t get that LAST breath back...

Can’t get that LAST breath back...

                                     Can’t get that LAST breath back...
             ((a hexagon collaboration...six pieces...six views...six sides making one))
   ((participating poets thelyfepoet/rose petals/june bugg/albert carrasco/jamie bond/tyrone mobley))

we strive to breath just one last time
got more holes in us than a pin cushion
has pins
collapsed lungs
won't hold any air no more
limp bodies no longer can keep the score
when we went out to score
made some rival pretty sore
he showed us his ak-47
63 times
our combined ages are
somewhere between
47 and 63
closer to 47
when our last breath
was taken from you and me
shattered windows broken forever
as spirits ascend
from me and my friend
they plea to return
back again
so we can have one more night
miscalculated plans that didn't turn out right
we in the spotlight
under the street lights
that shine bright
bathing in our own blood
never to be
never to see
another day
the rising of the sun
the going down of the same
too late to get that last breath back...
((thelyfepoet 7.28.2012))

OMG !!
((ROSE PETALS 7/28/2012))

I got 17 in the 9INE & packs another two clips
just bucking at these busters watching them sink like battleships
You see...
The wreckage aint shyt but another fuggin service
Negroes standing all around at the funeral, and them families just nervice
BEE cuz they dont really know where the next shell gon' fall
Gotta bury they baby brother and now the Lord gon' call
It aint never no love for what the next negro gott
The clock just tics, then tocs on these inner city blocks
It seemed one minute my body wuz standing tall and now everythang stops
Never cared much for nothing, my momma told me it wuz comming
a poster child for bluffing, and
at the parlor they gott me all filled up with this liquid like stuffing,
Once upon a time not very long ago I had a spirit and a soul
I took my life for granted though, and I slept on my breath
To breathe iz to live so now i'm welcomed by Death...
If maybe I could take it all back and just respect myself
Just live my life thru the turmoil and stress
Im wondering what's next, but I think I know
No longer breathe in my lungs or life in my soul,
To breath iz to live, but that wuz never enough though...
It's to late now so...
Maybe my death will bring clarity to another individual
The only residual in the game is this pine box; complete with a eulogy note
((JUNE BUGG 07.28.2012))

I know this scene very well,
For the almighty dollar I got 5 bullets holes,
A slug by my lung,
For nickel and dime sales.
I'm so thankful to be alive.
It wasn't the same for my brothers that promised to ride or die,
After the commotion, the gunshots, those riders or no longer alive.
I've held up blood choking sons,
Listened to their last wishes before I closed their eyes,
They were breathless!
Welcome to the slums.
Hammers meet shells. Shells fly, slugs make ballistics,
Ballistics give work for forensics to search for a perp,
The person that lays forever in the dirt because of the perp,
becomes a ghetto statistic.
I've witnessed slumped over corpses,
that went through rigormortus in nycha stair cases.
The same place most of us caught 220 cases,
For being unlicensed pharmacist.
Drug capers for green paper led us to green pastures.
Rest in peace to the deceased.
((Albert Carrasco aka Infinite the poet 07.28.2012))

The Last Breath
Snatched from a chest
Like a humidifier in a cigar room
The first scream of shocked pleas
Fall upon shattered glass in a drive by
Bullets tear tears from the eyes that can’t hear
Refuse to loose to fear
Saying farewell ~Sending unfair wells
As its propels holes thru the atmosphere
Creating apertures in craniums and heart valves
Buckled in for safety
Slumped over like a thirsty rose
Hit executed by armature pros

The Last Breadth

The one you can't ever get back
Sucked out of a vacuum sealed casket and vault
With a quivering lip and closed eyes
Of a barely audible sigh
The salted seed of a trail of tears;
Descends deeper than a 6 foot memory
Banners and Make Shift Murals,
Cards, Candles and Street Team Salutations
The heart ache of one violent death of a family member
Is another heart wrenching burial for the entire nation…

Jamie Bond ~~ 07.28.2012))

To run everything in the streets
Was the game plan,
Little did they expect,
Sitting in that car,
Thirty seconds from now,
An AK-47 would fill them
Full of holes,
Dreams grandeur all gone.
All that was left,
Was for them
To take their last breaths,
Say hello to death,
No thoughts of pain,
All that was worth anything,
Was their thoughts of regrets.
You see,
In life, many times,
It’s about what you
Put in,
Is what you get,
Karma has a
Very long memory,
Never forgets
To collect its debts!
Now wishing for death,
But not just yet,
For suffering is
A requisite of the streets!
Judgment must be held
Before your maker
You meet,
So its off to sleep,
May they,
Rest in PEACE!
((Tyrone Mobley 07.28.2012))

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

BARELY...thelyfepoet & jamie bond collab


I barely knew her...

she barely knew me...
6 months from now it will be 3...
we saw each other around school...
just said hello in passing and I thought that she was kewl...

one Friday night I went to a party so

I wouldn't be lonely...
my boyz were going
I didn't want to be the only
one staying at home,
even though I knew I needed
just about the whole weekend to
study for a major test...
I’m about making academics
completely my reality...

5.25 is my weighted gpa...

studying, studying, studying,
leaves me barely time to play...
but on this particular night I felt
compelled to get away....

wanting to be the 1st in my family to not only

finish college, ,
I see myself accumulating the PHD knowledge...

I don't barely want to pass any of my classes...

when you get it upstairs that is when true wealth amasses...
I read so much that mom bought me a pair of reading glasses...
she laughing reminds me that I used to read as slow molasses...
I was only 3 then,
but now I read like the wind...

I’m getting offered beau coup full scholarships...

there are almost as many as the cookies
in a national brand box of chocolate chips...

was my partying night dereliction of duty...

wasn't my intentions to be all up in a cutey...
I was still a virgin, never been intimate with a beauty....
some of my boyz would holla at me about the times
that they smoked some booty...

mom and dad are way pass barely being hurt...

this is one issue that our family can not skirt...
I just should have kept it as a passing innocent flirt...
instead of lifting and removing her body fitting red skirt...

my PhD will now be on delay...

since we both went half and half in making a baby...

of each other, we barely knew...

use double gloves with pliers when fastening a screw
or simply & politely can do...
otherwise, this may & can happen to you...


2:59pm est


I barely knew him

And he barely knew me
9 months from now we'll have barely become 3
We saw each other here and there
Exchanged glances in hallway corridors
Barely got a stolen glimpse of each other in the school yard

I had a BIG Kool-Aid smile for this young man

whenever he was around
I could barely keep my feet on the ground
Or my head out the clouds
butterfly thoughts of him
were a beautiful distraction to focused life I lived in

my friends kept tryna hook me up with their friends

but I wanted no parts of em
they dragged me to a party I barely wanted to be in
and here he comes thru tha door with his friends
imagining that fate worked itself out here we are at a party
neither of us was barely gonna attend on this one Friday night
I could barely take my eyes off em he barely stayed in sight

He was smart and tall barely got into trouble

Hardly dis-respectable he was mostly shy and humble
he looked at me first but that time I barely saw em
he made me blush like I was his secret admirer
so dammn handsome with that boyish charm
for the first half of the party He barely paid me any mind

Although I was known by a lot of people but I was barely popular

I kept my nose to the grindstone and barely let anything stop it
And when I locked eyes with him from across the room
Cupid barely shot us but yeah....we got it
we locked hands and danced all night we could barely stop it

I was the only virgin among my peers

With goals and aspirations to have a prestigious career
I was barely interested in the things everyone else was into then
I was barely the type of young lady with a reputation laced with sin
But one look at him... And I could barely breath
I could barely resist hiding my heart on my sleeve
I could barely say my own name much less say no to him
I could barely walk in a straight like shucks!! I could barely swim

And now look at us soon to be young parents

Barely know each other barely able to be adults barely raising one another
Barely know what its about and how to take care of a child
Barely know his likes and dislikes And still I'm SO crazy about him
Although I'm barely prepared for the responsibility
I barely know what love and struggle is I wish we had protected sex
my body is going thru changes my parents are so dammed vexed
And me... I'm SO scared mainly of the dreams no longer available for me
realizing that this unsure future is not within my grasp
all because of a glance a glimpse of an eclipse that I wish we'd let pass
now this real test in life has nothing to do with a class its with the powers that be
sighing side eyed at em wondering if he'll be able to bare barely hanging in there with me


Wednesday, February 1, 2012


an unauthorized collab
by Qise "tha fuk outta here" notebook
and Jamie "I WISH a muthaphuka would" Bond

Who in the hell left the gate open,
its feeding time and we're ready to feast,
more than a monster, this is a two-headed Beast...
Out for blood, I be that wolf in sheep's clothing and,
don’t act surprised cause, Jamie forewarned ya...
Microwave flow, I radiation core warm ya,
Two strikes of lightning, I’m the quiet before, she storms ya...

Ballpoints on one end, the other, sharpened to shanks so,
don’t get too friendly cause, its more lethal than you think...
No cage can hold us, we gnaw the bars off that bitch,
and fuck a chain link, eat the barb wire off that fence...

Go ahead and get decapitated,
there goes ya head, you're decapitated,
have ya neck squirting blood like that bitch was lactating...
See, we running wind sprints while your pen is jogging,
Fukkit, Imma let Jamie finish off the rest of your carcase.


Ahhh seee, now ya know I like my beef well done
I refuse to eat some shit that I already stepped on
Yo Quise not only will we leave em decapitated
we gonna have their ink spillage coagulating

and truth be told if I had a dick I’d be jockin myself
2 poets 1 paper we’re so dammn phenomenal
got that cut cha 2 tha white meat monstrous flow
we stay stifling they flows and mojos
they told us to behave we said hell to tha NO

free write PDF downloads we cheffin up regrets
we be like the loch ness monsters lockin down tha net
like twin Frankenstein’s with pens leaking out our necks
take my pens and stab em in tha head so they can think devilish
spank dey asses makin em go back in tha lab like poetry techs

I see you grew some but we’re still gruesome wit it
I see you still hiding behind your subliminal messages
Betcha punk ass wont say it to my face wit cha embellished bullshit
your nursery rhymes are seek and find and I’m a saduko bitch

Go ahead keep fuckin wit us actin like you can’t get touched
I’m a monster wit sweet tooth and kinda still don’t want cha
Welcome to the dungeon your welcome mat I’ll bludgeon
Have your tee splattered wit blood lookin like a half used tampon
Yo weak ass said you had a dope poem but tha dog you don’t own ate it
It’s a muthaphukin lie cuz tha insurance company clearly stated
It was a total wreck we caused pothole damage to ya paper

you pigeons are smitten wit our pens in tha paper play pen
you aint hard you lookin like sponge bob up against a fuckin Spartan
couldn’t hold me back from jumpin in yo ass if I swallowed a magnet
we’ll hog tie their maggot asses to tha back of a chariot and drag em
use my pen and stab you in the heart that you AINT got like a dagger
you in the lair of Quise ~the notebook beast ~ and the den of mic breathing dragon

we stay in that unapologetically relentless fuck yo feelings battle mode
so don’t get it fucked up chuck
WE BE LIKE Neanderthals playin stick ball wit cho ballz
tell ya what tho! Quise will twitter your murder as a trending topic
under #realtalk #thepoetrymovement #fuckouttahere and #tryharder
We’re cold hearted and uncouth toward tha artless
you better be able to back yo pen up pimpin’
or we cuttin your wrists off and mailing it back to ya mamma
I promise ya

~~ Jamie

So, have a deep convo with ya pen
and tell it to think before it speaks before,
it becomes what’s digested in the belly of this Beast...

We birth ability, while raising Kane,
we spit fire to your flickering ass flame,
This is Quise, no nickname and Jamie Bond ALL DAY...

I see you spittin your light colored hues and shit,
while me and J.B is straight black and bluing shit,
permanently bruising shit,
eatin wack ass poets like food and shit so,
stay tuned to the 10 o'clock news and shit...

No, this aint got shit to do with no slam,
unless its slammin ya face,
givin the pavement a fresh coat of skin,
and once you get me started,
its gon take my mama and your maker
to get me off your ass then...

And it’ll always be an unfair fight cause,
Jamie always blasts before the draw,
and the first line of weak shit to come out ya lips,
I’m breaking the fuckin glass in ya jaw...

You’ll do better tryin to separate us than tame us,
for the sake of us eatin ya ass alive..

Th'Fukk Outta here...
Befor I have Jamie snatch ya fukkin eyes out the sockets,
and play dice with them shits..


yall just don’t know….
mike tyson and Quise got tha same m.o.
you’re no challenge for him tho
notebook in hand he’ll knock yo ass out
in less than 3 mins only thing is
that he don’t get frustrated tho
Quise tha beast eats poets like you for breakfast
Tyson dumb ass be eatin EARiooos

fuk outta here
you see Quise in tha cut gettin heads sprung
he got defibrillators for pens shockin chest lungs
scribing anthrax inside of yo asthma pump

we’ll disrespect your whole conglomerate
and write on your pad like we was in drum line
Have your sneakers twist tied to an overpass
wit a banner of your pic as grammas make shift shrine

candles and artificial flowers for yo fake ass
be like yeah here goes another poet who tried
HE thought he could and WE wished he would
he was only a few blurred lines in a battle book

so we paid him some homage
murked em and sent his bastardized off spring to college
don’t worry we’ll raise tha lil faggot where you left off
gonna trick his lil ass out on tha main block
the only pops he knew was on a Kellogg’s box

tell em
here take this thermometer from outcha ass lil man
and put it around your neck real fast
call it a weather doppler muthaphucka
it’s a storm indicator for
Jamie hurricanes and Quise tornado's
and if you see it hit 90 then its too hot for ya
just like like right now

cuz our words can make a thermos boil
you simmer and sauté and we stay on broil
everything about today is gaping ink oil on gravel
deep fry your dreadlocks till yo thoughts unravel
month to month or lips to chops we stay choppin it up
its dirty jerz rockin out wit tha grimy south

We spyt poisonous truth serum into flu shots
you betta get vaccinated while we on vacation cuz we aint playin
Jamie and Quise in the same place oh best believe thaat …
that shit is a state of emergency
a muthafuckin hide yo men women and babies
type of world wide evacuation

real talk ya couldn’t hold me back even if I were a ghost
I got teeth stronger than galvanized steel posts
I got yo mans’ bitch ass covering his mouth
Quise gotcha girl holdin balls she aint even got
Jodi in beast mode put cho ass in tha know
be like gooddddd dayyuummmn homey
you got knocked tha fuck ouuttttttttt

Quise just mushed ya punk ass in tha face
talkin bout Get tha fuk outta here!! Haha


Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Beautiful Butterfly Cafe Proudly Presents JAMIE BOND

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Show: The Beautiful Butterfly Cafe Proudly Presents JAMIE BOND
Date/Time:  Jul 29, 2011 7:00 PM EDT
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Sunday, April 17, 2011