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Monday, August 13, 2012



by Todd Smith on Friday, July 20, 2012 at 1:27pm ·
  triumphant tri-laboration  triumvirate trilogy...


    for saving me everyday i thank GOD
    from the times i followed my lil head when it got hard
    could have been on my way to be buried 6 feet under sod
    pushing daisies
    out of wedlock babies
    in wedlock, out wedlock
    we locking
    sea men flying
    people dying
    you know you sick
    tricky dick still in conversation with honey pit
    you a businessman or deacon
    scoping her out
    her promise land you seekin
    never tellin her you lethally leakin
    your lil man is reekin
    packin deleterious juice
    enuff to kill a herd of moose
    cover it up
    better yet, unscrew it
    plug it up your own contaminated butt
    already knowing you have the disease
    stick it in your own mouth
    instead of eating when on your knees
    ladies your feminine body is admired
    get test results to avoid what he
    may have acquired
    once acquired
    it's in your blood stream
    meat 2 meat
    you gave into those
    cheap sweet words
    when he made a
    bootylicious speech
    hormone driven
    no love given
    you pray to be forgiven
    forgiven you can
    if only you would have taken a stand
    and demand
    to see the most recent test result
    who cares how he feels
    if you ask & he becomes insulted
    better to insult by asking deep
    probing penetrating questions of him
    than for him to deeply
    probe, penetrate and permanently
    infect your french cut bikini trim
    in the johnson there is no magic
    especially when debauchery
    is injected to making intimacy tragic

    June Bugg

    In order to learn patience one must be prodded,
    MayB acknowledged by fathers; not only baby mommas
    Growing up stuck, where it seems er'ythangz corrupt, meditate on these things, and then wait on love
    Bind these things to you
    Choose right & B blessed; Three left turns leaves you right back inside the same mess,
    stressed out 'bout some lil poot butt's child support checks
    Remember always; your gift iz beauty manifest
    A gift from GOD for the woman to possess
    It cant B found in cosmo> Xploitation at it's best
    It's in your eyes and your chest,
    U where lovely from the very first time
    you suckled mommas breast
    Life iz NOT a box a chocalates, more like a game of chess
    Wait on your King & build a castle; for you're a QUEEN, and
    U deserve the best...

     ~~ IBJB
    Re-introduce. ..

    If you do this backwards, it is bound to get worse
    You have to Re-introduce your true self to yourself first
    Only then can you allow love into your life
    And consent to someone extra loving you right
    You have to be patient and believe that GOD needs you to wait
    Believe in the core of your soul
    that your king or queen is being custom made

    Define your desires
    Stay blessed and be inspired
    And if that person in your life doesn’t make your eyes smile
    Then it's time to go…
    Time to let them move on and be gone
    Mr. and Mrs. Put up with Until Mrs. and Mr. Right come along
    Ask questions wait to get an intelligent answer
    Don’t make excuses for a grown man or woman
    Don’t fall in love with someone’s potential
    You need to know what they stand for right here and now
    You need to understand your own forbearance,
    as they get nearer
    Cuz real talk chaos isn’t a good look on anybody
    in a full length mirror

   get acquired knowledge,
   prior to in the sheets acknowledging...
   take your time, be patient with yourself...
   b4 you introduce yourself to some1
   else, 1st  reintroduce yourself to yourself...

  thank you for your time from,
  thelyfepoet...june bugg....ibjb

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