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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Phuckin Wit Words collab w/Jamie Bond & Tammy Jones

Phuckin Wit Words collab w/Jamie Bond & Tammy Jones

can’t stop it and so begins the process of all the new news you knew that my muse used with a brand new recycled attitude of new and improved used moves that were abused became bemused that refused to be infused got confused by old school but refused the excuse still smooth tryna prove its so dammmn kewl the paper of the unmoved like the pen as a tooth for the ink that would ooze wrecked wrists leaving knuckles bruised would fuse inspiration of having writers block for you you see what comes around goes around and umma let tammy get at you

I peruse the loose screws of my muse
seeing it in the headlines of the news
my contused mind proves parts of me escaped
breakin out like Bruce
putting up deuces in the form of coos fusing
metaphors and imagery clues as nooses on necks
by the excuses of unexcused recluses trying to seduce
the masses with a white flag truce
but the foul smell of gastric juices got me spooning
Mother Goose just to smooth the abuse
flip it on ice reintroduced as green eggs
and Ham by Dr. Seus remixed by Tam I Am
produced on a day of Tues approved by Zeus
that's what they did for the fools who wasted time
in school
who shoulda been sprucing up the walls of their mind
perfected Chartreuse to be used

bitch please you’re a poppy seed to a bubble bee I’m oblivious your pleas I’m so above your bullshit I’m levitating in heaven living lovely with nosebleed seats I could pull a verbal drive by at such high speeds my mindset will have ya clutching yo chest fuckin with me but I see you ain’t used to me i could make your newsfeed bleed profusely you scratchin your weave like you got fleas you’re man’s my biggest fan in negative -007 degrees and ain’t got no breeze ….in these brick city drifting streets go on and pinch yourself like a roach holder before it begun without a gun …. it was over snap crackle pop the only pops you knew was on a kellogg’s box treat your thoughts like chicken pox dilute your ink like coumadin sniper for hire with just 1 pen stroke have ya using your pen as crutches clutching your tabloid like I spyt steroids I scribe word clots giving you an ischemic stroke you got the wrong poet playa…check your sources I’m a word sorceress a femme fatale so ask yourself who you asking? cuz they gave yo ass the wrong answer yoooo tammy tell em’ I’m a fire breathing muthafukin dragon your words are evaporated smoke your mentality got dandruff i just brush my shoulders off and hand out free handcuffs how ironic we got a tank of oxygen to a combustible party put cho paper down cuz tammys pen is a sawed off shotty she’s bout ta pen your eulogy from silk city like she was Victoria gotti

I put the shotty to your body if ya snotty
I'm not prejudice cause I'm poppin erry body
I look up to JB and say beam me up scotty
for levitation got inebriated seeds floating
in the skies where fly people meet to chant
dubiously coming to terms as we learn
next moves in deceptions
we get selective deciding when wars and battles will be won
we be one team in unity picking off the fleas
and pustulants as isht gets redundant in a rant
so to quiet the booyah, we've come to school ya psyche
well, maybe not for I don't give away my battle plans
for eyes scan unmanned terms where weaknesses get heard
so word, truth is, proof is in my team colors
put a gun to my head, I might die cause I ain't hollarin
I'm a scholar with dignity
you may need to skin me as if you heard the words be
writing on the wall but when you pull the flap of my abs back
the words run as if I was stabbed and something so secret
gets secreted into thin air
— with Jamie Bond and Tammy Jones.

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