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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

QUEENS OF THE THRONE COLLAB BY Tammy Jones ~~ CaSheema ThePoet Pittman ~~ Jamie Bond

BY Tammy Jones ~~ CaSheema ThePoet Pittman ~~ Jamie Bond

This girl here is on fire

As I wake up at the crack of

What the fuck?
With Foghorn Leghorn chilling
Against my truck

Long before sun up

We hit the road glowing

Like we’re packing heat
Me and the Rooster heading
To Brewster place
We go inside and disappear
Without a trace
As the lab gets laced by the power
Of inspiration
I’m passing my pen to Sheema, the
Poetry dreamer
She’s a rhyme schemer
So precise
She leaves ya ears bleedin from the
Message that she speaks

Tammy Jones

Thank you poetess, speaking with much finesse, Ms Tammy Jones

They had to be speaking of you, me and Jamie Bond when they said watch the throne
With this pen I get
So very intimate
Making love to my words, on a plane thats infinite
When I get into it
Its hard for me to leave
The pain of my struggles and hustles makes the words come with ease
Every time I let this pen bleed
I succeed with the belief that im one of the best
Never concede to defeat, cant speak upon the rest
Literally, spiritually, yes I believe that I am blessed
For this pen and, this paper, I will never rest
Morning, noon, and night, dusk to dawn
The most dangerous of the trio, intoducing Ms. Jamie Bond..

CaSheema ThePoet Pittman

I never left but NOW I’m back
thoughts on furlough
like my lethal pen they got 5years parole
So now tell me….. where dey do dat at??
Jamie bond on the premises
I’m your favorite poets nemesis
tried and true I’m a hunnit proof
with a full clip a loaded pen
and no dammn bullet proof vest
unmuted ink so who they kiddin,
three headless horse (woman) in tha building
we snatching smiles every day
and selling em to clowns on eBay
don’t mess around and getcha nose bloodied buddy
you’ll mess around and be Rudolph’s understudy
don’t get it twisted tho cuz it could get painful
we play but nah fam we ain’t hardly playful
last call, one shot… you talking to a verbal sniper
with a red beam on your knot…
so challenge me… nah
get malice with me … not even
you are in the fog but you got
Tam and Casheema high beamin!!!

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